Pre Shipment Inspection


To mitigate disruption risks of goods shipments.


To verify compliance with regulations and tariff restrictions.


To provide with anticipated information of shipments to the Customs Broker and his clients (importer).


To streamline companies trade that are integrating the logistics process.


To identify reliable suppliers and importers

Revisión de mercancía

Areas covered by the supervision of loading:

The condition of container.


The quantity, style and color of the goods loaded.


Review of the points of compliance with regulations for the country of destination.


The condition of the packaging (master / pallet).


Monitoring of the loading process.


Seal the container or containers with our padlock.


Seguridad Costo Tiempo




  • Legal certainty of compliance with the regulations and non -tariff barriers before the goods are shipped.
  • Commercial certainty that the supplier ships the goods that have been requested.
  • The merchandise is not displayed nor handled at the port.
  • Maintains a standard cost per operation.
  • Eliminate deviations and setbacks at the point of entry in the country.
  • Minimize the risk of causing delays in storage and operation.
  • Allows a better control of the supply chain time schedule.
  • Reduces the time in Mexican port (quicker custom clearance)
  • Quicker availability of the product

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